Starting a Career

Congratulations! You have just landed a new job or just recently embarked on one. Starting a new job is exciting. Starting a career even more awesome. To help you build a career, we have a series of articles to help you with long-range planning including setting goals, building a repertoire of usable daily skills for the workplace, and getting your financial house in order.

Big Picture: Long-Range and Medium-Range Planning
  • Setting Goals: As you set out on your new career, give your life goals some thought. Lofty goals, bucket list goals, long-range goals, near-term goals, professional goals, personal life achievements, health-related goals, personal relationship goals, you name it. The first step is the list them. You can’t achieve goals that you have not set for yourself.
Daily Usable Skills for the Workplace

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  • Meeting Etiquette: During your first week at work, you will undoubtedly attend a number of meetings. Here’s some tips on how to conduct yourself and make the most of these meetings.
  • How to Take Notes: Taking notes is a learnable skill. With mastery, you take take your meeting productivity to higher levels
  • Mentoring for Success: A good mentor will do wonders for your career.
  • Brown Bag Lunches and Other Learning Opportunities at Work: Pack your lunch and bring a notebook.
  • Reliability in the Workplace: How to be an employee your colleagues and boss can rely on
  • Do Your Homework at the Office
  • Embrace the Process: There’s a reason why companies are productive day-after-day, and quality remains higher even when there’s turnover.
  • PowerPointers to a Better Presentation
  • Attending a Conference
  • Power of Compounding Your Salary
Personal Finance

Now that you are making a steady and good income, you have some serious considerations for your personal finance. We recommend:

  • Opening a Checking Account: to safe-keep the hard-earned money you earned from your summer jobs. Your father’s brick and mortar bank is a financial relic of the past. We have recommend a bank that offers free access to your cash at any ATM worldwide.
  • Best Online Savings Account: As you build your savings, you’ll want a savings account that is convenient and pays a robust interest. We recommend an online savings account that pays 1.25% APR/interest.
  • Applying for a Credit Card: so you can buy text books, school supplies, pizza and other essentials for college life. The intent is not to carry a balance, rather to use it as an alternative to cash, so you can earn points towards a cash rebate or miles/points towards free travel.
  • Establishing a Budget: A must-have for financial success. Here is our article on Budgeting 101.

When you’re ready to take the next steps, take a look at our articles for the newly married, starting a family, and becoming a new investor.

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