Personal Finance

Ideas for Your Financial Well-Being
  • Budgeting 101 for College Students: devise a tactical plan for your financial well-being. We’ll give you some tips on how to live within that budget, and a sample monthly budget spreadsheet that you can download and tailor for yourself.
  • Opening a Checking Account: To safe-keep the hard-earned money. Your father’s brick and mortar bank is a financial relic of the past. We recommend a bank that pays 0.15% APR/interest and offers free access to your cash at any ATM world wide.
  • Best Online Savings Account: For those of you with decent sum of money, we recommend a savings account that pays 1.25% APR/interest.
  • Applying for a Credit Card: Build your credit with the right credit cards. The intent is not to carry a balance, rather to use it as an alternative to cash, so you can earn points towards a cash rebate or miles/points towards free travel, and build your credit history.
  • Saving for a Rainy Day: Is three months of salary really enough for an emergency fund?
  • Buying a Home: Taking the big step? Let’s do it right.

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