Career Advice

Ideas for Your Professional Success

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  • Meeting Etiquette: During your first week at work, you will undoubtedly attend a number of meetings. Here’s some tips on how to conduct yourself and make the most of these meetings.
  • How to Take Notes: Taking notes is a learnable skill. With mastery, you take take your meeting productivity to higher levels
  • Mentoring for Success: A good mentor will do wonders for your career.
  • Brown Bag Lunches and Other Learning Opportunities at Work: Pack your lunch and bring a notebook.
  • Reliability in the Workplace: How to be an employee your colleagues and boss can rely on
  • Do Your Homework at the Office
  • Embrace the Process: There’s a reason why companies are productive day-after-day, and quality remains higher even when there’s turnover.
  • PowerPointers to a Better Presentation
  • Attending a Conference
  • Power of Compounding Your Salary
Big Picture: Long-Range and Medium-Range Planning
  • Setting Goals: As you build your career, give your life goals some thought. Lofty goals, bucket list goals, long-range goals, near-term goals, professional goals, personal life achievements, health-related goals, personal relationship goals, you name it. The first step is the list them. You can’t achieve goals that you have not set for yourself.

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