Our Vision

Pragnotion is about managing your resources to maximize it for your life. We are blessed with time, health and talent. We need to manage these potentials to maximize our well being, happiness and build wealth. Think of Pragnotion as a source of ideas, food for thought, to acquire knowledge, skills, and tools to help you achieve some greatness. We strive to be your Thought Foodie™, so to speak.

Our Motivation

We are blessed with three wonderful adult children who are starting out in their adult lives. We want the best for them, and find ourselves offering career, financial and investment advice to them when the opportunities present themselves.

But why stop there? We wish to share our knowledge and experience with other younger adults who are college students, new college graduates, starting out with their careers in industry, getting married or starting a family. There is a lot of decisions to make. “You don’t know what you don’t know” is what we have said to our children over the years. To this end, we want to help you make better, well-informed decisions – sometimes small; sometimes far reaching. We want to pass along our best practices and occasionally some “out of the box” and “avant-guard” thinking to stir up your imagination.

Pragmatic + Notional =  Pragnotion

We sometimes offer pragmatic, very specific advice. Other times, we offer more notional concepts as food for thought, requiring you to ponder how it would apply to your particular situation. Hence the name pragnotion. Contradictory in terms, to say the least. Some examples:

A Little Fun Along the Way…

Life is a journey. The development of this website for us is a path along such journey. We might as well enjoy it along the way. Our way of having fun? Inserting some of our humor (albeit “dry” most times) and including some original photography along the way. Sometimes they’re relevant, other times not so much.

Personal Anecdote

We figure it would be helpful for you to understand
who and where our advice is coming from.
To this end, we provide our relevant personal life experiences
so you can gauge for yourself
the quality and validity of our advice.
As with many things, “one size does not fit all”.
Hence we encourage you to filter
the content of our articles
against your unique life experiences,
circumstances, and situation,
and determine its applicability.
Life does not come with a set of instructions,
but it can be enriched with friends
who are there when you need them most.
We hope to be of some help.
Perhaps even referred to as a “friend”.


Helping you mind your Ps & Qs,
Kaysee & The Pragnotion Team